Happycall Non-stick Double pan

Happycall Non-stick Double pan

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Double Pan allows flipping food easy and convenient with Happycall Double Pan. Imagine frying fish and steak without spitting oil, conveniently cook whenever you want. Easy built-in magnetic on the handle to keep two halves shut. Made with quality and tough non-stick coating.


Tough and durable non-stick Coating



Suitable for cooktops: electric, ceramic and gas

Dishwasher Safe


BEST NON-STICK and ECO-FRIENDLY CERAMIC EXTERIOR - Cook with less oil and simple to clean/PFOA-FREE/Dishwasher Safe/Made in Korea 

SMOKELESS COOKING - FDA endorsed, silicone seal locking dampness for delicious outcomes while preventing undesirable smoke and smell.


SPLATTER FREE and EFFICIENT COOKING - Flip and cook on either side, upper or lower pans. /Make flipping food simple while holding warmth and dampness for quick, delicious, and tender food. 

Juicy AND TENDER FOOD - Perfect for omelets, baked potatoes, slow-roasted vegetables, steak, angle, fajitas, bacon, frittatas, and more.

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